Mar 9, 2008

Week 25

Vintage Chica

sixoneway - week 25

Blue Yonder

Six One Way - Week 25


Lora said...

I'm a little confused. it seems that i'm unable to view these in Flikr. it says that I'm not alowed, and i don't see them in the groups photos? am i missing something?

vintagechica said...

Lora, I can not speak for Stefani, but I always post the tryps here first and then to the flickr group later. I'll make mine public over on flickr this afternoon. Im not sure why I do it this way. I guess because the sixoneway site was first and formost in our minds. I guess we should explaing that part of it.

hsing3kinder said...

...I like checking here first too...
Eren, love the checks and blueberries....and "7" is a wonderful thing!!